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Grindstone Lake is a small spring fed lake north-east of Plevna, Ontario. It is 2.6Km long, 0.6Km wide and has 5 major bays off of the main body with 17.1Km of shore line. As of 2005, it had about 42 cottages on it. The water is very clean but boaters must be aware of unmarked rocks throughout the lake. The primary fish is bass with some splake although since 1999 fishing has not been very good.

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A Quicktime movie of Plevna and Grindstone Lake are available. Click on the Pictures link to find them.

Association: Note: in July, 2008, a special Landowner's Meeting was held at 1:00pm in the Plevna Hall to discuss the Association taking over ownership of the private road. The minutes are under the Association section. The yearly Cottage Association Meeting will return to the morning of the second Sunday in July at 10am in 2009. To access Association information,click here. 

Corn Roast at McNamara's- 2008.

2005 - Hagermans provided the corn...

Hagermans receive plaque from Association celebrating the 100th Anniversary of their farm...

2005 - Some of the attendees...

FOCA: Click here for the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) link. It has many cottage topics including Municipal issues (eg: Planning and Development, Land Use, Crown Land, Golf Courses, Hydro, Taxation), The Environment (eg: Lake Stewardship, Septic Systems, Phosphorus Testing, Invading Species, Docks, Water and Waterfront Issues), Boating (eg: Responsible Boating, Changes to Legislation, Personal Watercraft (PWCs), Marine Emissions), etc.

Grindstone Lake Landowner Corn Roast: held on Saturday of Sept long weekend at 6pm. It is open to all landowners on Grindstone Lake and is usually at a different cottage each year so look for the sign near the Association information box at the "Y".

Plevna Picnic: First week in July.

Water Quality

Mississippi Valley Conservation: In general the water quality in Grindstone Lake is very good. The Provincial Water Quality Objectives for Total Phosphorus for Grindstone Lake is 20 micrograms per litre. In 2000, the average for the euphotic zone (penetration of Light) for 2000 was 13.2 micrograms per litre indicating an enriched lake environment. Chlorophyll a is a measure of the algal density in the lake. The average chlorophyll a densities in 2000 was 0.71 micrograms per litre indicating a very low algal density for Grindstone Lake.

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